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Aislu supply and provide dc inverter system solution, and supply economic and energy-efficient dc inverter compressor system.

  DC Inverter Rotary/Scroll Compressor

Compressor Model Number Compressor Brand Compressor Cooling capacity (Rated, W) C.O.P (W/W reference) Refrigerant
DA98M1C-30EZ GMCC/Toshiba 2900 3.95 R410A
ASM108D18UFZA GMCC/Toshiba 3270 3.92 R410A
DA150S1C-20FZ GMCC/Toshiba 4490 3.92 R410A
DA200S2C-30MT  GMCC/Toshiba 6120 3.57 R410A
DA230S2C-31MT GMCC/Toshiba 7010 3.63 R410A

QXAS-D23zX090 Gree 7100 2.89 R410A
5VD420ZAA21 Panasonic 13200 3.13 R410A

C-SDP205H02B Sanyo 13500 3.14 R410A
C-SDP330H02B Sanyo 21900 3.22 R410A

Aislu 2900W - 22kw dc inverter system compressor list and driver system(12KB)

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