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solar air conditioner    KFR18K048D
All DC Air Conditioner, 18000Btu/H

General Specification:
Power source: solar power/battery bank/Industrial, telcom dc power
Rated working voltage: DC48V
Rated working current: 30A
Rated cooling capacity: 18,000Btu/H
Rated heating capacity: 20,500Btu/H
Refrigerant: R410A/ 1.18kg
Installation type: Split wall mounting
For solar application:
8 hours running solar panel configuration: 2300Wp(reference)
8 hours running battery configuration: 300AH/48V
Sunlight time running only configuration: 1800W solar panels and 100AH/48V battery
Sound level: 45dBA (indoor unit) / 47dBA(outdoor unit)
For selecom application:
DC48 - 60V power supply.

Technical Documents Download:

KFR18K048D All dc (solar) air conditioner specification
Principle of running DC air conditioner with solar power
Performance testing report

More descriptions
Solar components selection references

cabient air conditioner    Sysroid MerlinCool TM
Enclosure DC Air Conditioner

General introduction:
Merlin DC air conditioner adopts real dc variable speed dc compressor, and system integrated smart temperature sensing program to automatically adjust compressor and fan speed to control cabinet inside in acceptable temperature range that to protect the equipments in cabinet safety working.

Merlin DC air conditioner adopts flange screw-lock mounting, easy to install and retaining seal with cabinet door or metal sheet.

Application: Enclosure, Equipment cabinet, Telecom, Electric distribution cabinents cooling.

Technical Documents Download:
MerlinCool introduction

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